The horse


The Horse is made from beautiful dark red rusted Corten steel, 2.2 m high and weighing 600 kg. It is an abstract and angular figure, but at the same time is inviting and very touchable. A life-size horse.
A crowd-funding campaign was set up to fund the creation of this figure. 55 people subscribed and the entire amount went to the OPIS foundation, where this figure was created. ( The making of )

Young people who are disadvantaged in the labour market work at OPIS with metal and learn about work disciplines and acquire skills. Led by Paul van Dongen, a number of young people cut and welded the elements used in creating the Horse.

The figure stands on an open trailer and will be towed by a Lada Niva on its journey to the capital Ulaanbatar in Mongolia.

The journey begins in the Netherlands and the route passes through Germany, Hungary, Romania, Armenia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan on its way to Mongolia. A journey of 12,000 km.

During the trip, the Horse will cross the Caspian Sea with its two guardians on a ferry.



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