The SteelXpress works with several partners, including:

  • HashtagMedia which is providing communication and supporting the online campaign during the project.
  • Editors’Project has assisted in creating the website texts.
  • Autobedrijf Jan van Riel in Riel has been a great help with the Lada Niva Ambulance.
  • Sander van Gaalen of involved in the grading and editing of the film.
  • The “OPIS helpt” foundation with Paul van Dongen in the lead has made the Horse with his young people. He helps young people who are disadvantaged in the labour market to gain skills. His workshop is brilliantly equipped for the task. The work is not fast, but carried out to perfection and with confidence. Bart could not have done it better! Bert Geeraets has made a time lapse film of the project: XXL Paard
  • Diane Burgess translated this site into English and Ludmila Lychova into Russian
  • Tami Enkhtuul translated the whole site into Mongolian.

The crowdfunding campagne for the Horse is supported by: Ad Verhaar, Ad van Lith, Ans van Wijk, Antoinet van Goch, Arie Stam, Arina Angerman, CFM van de Ven, Daan Scneider, Diana Slegers, Dick&Reina van Barneveld, Elektrolas, Ellis van den Bilt, Emma van Wijk, Ferdy Steger, Frank Bijlsma, Frédéric Fortanier, Gilles van der Lans, Hans van Mierlo, Hans de Wilde, Hans Dortmans, Harriet Schelhaas, Henk Liefting, Henk Nielen, Huub van Rooij, Inge de Beus, Jan Somers, Jan Verputten, Janine Steenhuizen, Jeroen Meuleman, Johan Korengoud, Joice&Reinier Rijke, Jos Claassen, Jos Casparie, Josee Bastiaenen, Kees van Diessen, Margriet Wennekes, Marguerite Bruining, Marjolein Burbach, Marjolein Kalter, Mark C Hoogenboom, Marnie van Dinther, Mieke van Dinther, Mohican, Paul Bovend’Eerdt, Paul van Seeteren, Peter Slegers, Peter Boselie, Reni de Bekker, Robert Voerman, Roland Somers, Sytske Flores, Steef Somers en Stefan Aspers.

If you want to be a partner of the steelXpress, please contact Bart Somers :