De reis

Project SteelXpress is a road trip conceived by steel sculptor Bart Somers and filmmaker Bert Geeraets, two men who are back on the road again 25 years after making a similar trip together in a truck from the Netherlands to Nepal. Kathmandu 1991

While the current flow of refugees from East to West continues, Geeraets and Somers have chosen to go in the opposite direction. Their chosen destination this time is Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. Travelling along the ancient silk route will bring them into contact with the local peoples. They are looking forward to all kinds of spontaneous encounters and hearing local stories which cross their path. The steel horse and universally familiar Lada will act as a catalyst and ice-breaker for dialogue: the steelXpress is about to depart.

The journey and encounters are captured 0n film and some parts are listed below.

Mongolia, horse racing and improbable landscapes. We enjoyed every second in this beautiful country!

The XXL horse travels from Omsk to Mongolia.

On the trip to the East, we sail across the Caspian Sea and then drive across the vast plains of Kazakhstan

Steel Xpress meets the only African in eastern Turkey. Tapiwa Tomondo Hamza (23 years), he had to flee from Zimbawe for political reasons and ended up in Ardahan.

East Turkey was wonderful.

Naamloos-2The first bivak in Germany.

Even the German  police had some interest in our horse.